Thursday, February 13, 2014

At the end I will be glad

Saludos!!! bueno bueno this week we had a bunch of intercambios missionary exchanges and I went with other Elders in my district. What you do is you or the other Elder is with you for 24 hours and they go out with you at night and they study with you in the morning. I went with the district leader Elder Gomez and then I went with his companion Elder Martinez ha none of them speak English but... I was thinking when I was with Gomez that  I am getting way better with my spanish I can under stand a lot of things they are saying and they can understand me and with the people that we talked to I was able to do small talk with them and that was so awesome. It is such a blessing to speak another language and to be here in the Dominican mission. My companion and I had a talk one day before these intercambios because I was getting stressed with the language and he told me that my spanish is getting so much better and that this mission wasn't meant to be easy and that I am not gonna know everything but he told me that at the end of this mission I will be a man and I will be glad with what I went through.
Our investigator Kelvin is still progressing but we are not sure on his baptizism because he is taking time to learn all of it and that is just great, he also is very busy teaching he doesn't have a lot of time to talk to us but he is getting more knowledge and he is more accepting to all the things of the gospel. This week was great! One thing funny that happened this week is the assistants called me and  they asked me to train a greeny and I was so shocked and I couldnt believe it I was so scared I am not fluent in Spanish and they are asking me to train but it turned out they were just joking..... hahah thank goodness I thought I was gonna have a heart attack ha but everyone was laughing and it was hilarious in the end haha
but yeah that was my week and it was awesome love you all and miss you all!!!
Shout out to my buddy Braden Whitaker for getting his mission call Kansas Wichita mission!!!! atta boy! 
Elder Santacruz

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