Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Work hard Pray hard

hello hello! This week didnt turn out the way it should have, we didn't have Kelvins baptism this week. We are going to have it in a couple of weeks but the great thing is he talked with us one day and he said that he feels like he needs two more weeks to learn more and when he said that we were so happy because we are not trying to rush him into baptism and that it is great! So we will be working hard with him! 
Also we have been working with the members. This week our district leader has been telling us that we need to work hard on reactivating the less actives and so we have been busy with them. We have been doing everything to get them to church and we have a bunch of activities.  We have been playing basketball and some less actives come which is awesome and we also play games at the church and we buy refreshments for them. The church isn't as organized as it is over there. There isn't any mutual so its kinda hard to work with the less active youth. Everything is slowly getting better! 
I got my bulto this week its so awesome! All the elders wear these dont worry mines different! its awesome! It helps a lot more so my back isn't sweaty and my shoulders dont hurt!
Everything is all good my companion is so cool. We are like brothers! Im sad that we only have three weeks left together till next transfers unless he is still with me. All is well here. There is so much work here and I love it. We are always busy! 
Love you all miss you all! 
Elder Santacruz

We went to the zoo and there were dogs

My district Leader


The famous bag so much better than a back pack


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  1. You know you're in a different country when there are DOGS at the zoo. hahahaha......sounds like your mission is fabulous and we are so proud of your efforts Elder!! I think Jordan would be super jealous about not having a "bag" like yours. He is really into that kind of thing. Keep workin' hard and know that we love you.
    Chris and Patric