Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Doing the Do

Hola! como estan! this week was fantastic we are working on are next investigator he is the teacher of english and his name is kelvin he is a domincan and he is so awesome! His baptism is still on this week and we have been teaching him a lot and its so great to teach him because he really wants to know about how everything works! We can definitely  feel the spirit in the lesson! We definitely feel like he is ready for baptism and that he truly wants this because he knows this is true! Also this week we have been working with menos activos in our area and they are families and they are so great. One of things that we are trying to do is earn their trust because members have a hard time trusting the missionaries because there were tigres before us and the missionaries would never work. I feel like they are trusting us and that they are getting closer with us. One thing that happened this week is that I was really sick! I had a problem with my stomach two days ago! I thought I had worm in my stomach because I couldn't eat anything and my stomach felt like I had something in me! haha I was next too the toilet all night hahaha and you can use your imagination on what happened! That was definitely a moment for the journal but everything is all well now and let me tell you my companion is awesome Elder Mata and I are so close I love him we have so much fun together and we also work hard. That is one of the things he has taught me is that a mission is also to have fun and not be so serious all the time! I am definitely learning a lot and I cant tell you how much I love my mission the work here is amazing! 
love you all and miss you tons! 
Elder Santacruz

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