Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Power of Missionary Work

Hello everyone!
Wow this week was simply amazing! I had the opportunity to baptize someone! It was the best experience ever! I will always remember that day. The day we had the baptism we were so happy it finally arrived. One funny thing that happened was we found out that the church didnt have power or water hahahah so I was just like oh flip hahah but dont worry we still baptized her the bishop helped us out. He paid for a water truck to come fill up the font! One thing that was bad was the water was so nasty haha it was so green so the problem we had before the baptism was trying to get the water clean. We went to the nearest cormado(mini store) and bought some blue dye to try to make the water less scary haha So we poured the whole bottle in the font to try to make it look like blue water. It worked out!!! The time came and we had a talk from one of the members and we also had a testimony given after that it was time for her to be baptized! One thing I had to do was remember the words to say in Spanish. I was practicing the whole week just repeating it in my head haha but it worked out great. When the time came I remembered it perfectly. How great that moment was when we both saw eachother on each side of the font and how I remembered looking down at my toes going into the water and how I saw her smiling and that made everything worth it. All the lessons we had with her were all worth it and I was happy that she made that decision to change her life forever.That night was one to be remembered!
Also this week we have been working with our other investigator and he is the best. He is a teacher and his name is Kelvin and we have his date settled for the 18th! He is doing so good out last lesson we had with him we talked about the plan of salvation and how we all can feel the Spirit when we are together in a lesson that is the best!
Everything is going great, there are some times when Satan brings me down but at the end of everyday I know that I conquered him and that out work in Cristo Rey is paying off!
Love you all, miss you so much! 
This gospel is 100% true and it is incredible of how my testimony grows everyday!
Elder Santacruz

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