Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I am done training

This week was great! This last Saturday we had an activity with our ward that the missionaries planned and it turned out great we had about 70 people there. We had games and some people brought friends and we got to meet them. We all just had a great time! It worked out great exactly how we expected it! The members fed us like every night because Elder Gomez, our district leader is going back home and so we were pretty much fed this week!
One thing that was so awesome this week is that we went to a less actives house a couple of days ago. It is the Moronta family and and we were able to share a message with them. My comp started out and he started out talking about Alma and how he was a missionary and he was talking about how Alma didn't want to be a king and he wanted to serve. After my comp was done I talked about Nephi and how he had it hard when he was with his family but he persevered through it all. We could all feel the spirit there. The mom started saying how grateful she was for us and how we have helped her so much with her family and that we reminded her of the spirit and how great the church is. She said she is going to come to church this week so we will pray that she will keep her promise! Funny story this week haha I stepped on a nail while I was doing service and we were doing service at a school. After I stepped on it I cleaned it and everything and put alcohol and stuff on it so it could be fine but then the school was like you have to get a shot, a vaccine shot so I would be fine. So they took me to the hospital to have permission to buy a shot at a pharmacy because the hospitals are so poor so we bought it and the school payed for it. We went back to the school and asked the nurse to do it and so....,. she told me that she has to do it in the butt and so.....she did it and Elder Mata was laughing the whole time because first showed me how to pull my pants down by pulling her pants down haha and then when she was giving the shot she was slapping  and grabbing my butt to try to get the blood to the area haha yeah this story was one for the journal haha
This week was transfers!!! Elder Mata and I are still companions and he is the district leader now so more work for us! We just have to work harder at everything. We have two new missionaries in our district and they are pretty cool but we had to help out with transfers so that's why I couldn't email you yesterday but everything is great and I cant believe I have already been out for  4 and a half months that's crazy!!!
That was my crazy missionary week love you guys and miss you all! 
les amo, Elder Santacruz

Our ward at our activity this past Saturday


Doing service at a hospital looking cool in our masks

Tallest and shortest missionary in our mission

I finally had some Mexican food. We had to make it because Dominicans don't know Mexican food! Can you tell I missed it

My awesome scripture case


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