Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Miracles do happen

This week was amazing! It all started on Sunday! We have been working with the Moronta family. They are a couple that has a boy and the mother has been a member for 8 years and the father is a returned missionary. They are so cool, we have been visiting them for about a month now and we have been trying to help them go to church and this Sunday they went to church!!!!! Right there was a miracle that I saw. They haven't been to church in 2 years and we are gonna keep working with them so they will be active again. When Elder Mata and I saw them sitting in church Mata said how work pays off and I definitely felt really happy for them! 

This week we also have been teaching a new investigator his name is David and we have been teaching lesson . So far he is doing great, he has been reading and praying and he is doing great! This week he said he is gonna go to church so lets see if he comes we will pray for him! Kelvin has been slacking and he hasn't been coming to church. Every time we have a lesson with him its so spiritual but he hasn't been coming to church so we will keep working with him! 

We had an intercambio this week and I was with Elder Sheffard for a day and he is new in the area  and in the district so Elder Mata wanted me to get closer with. He is the big football dude from Utah and one of things that President told Elder Mata was that he is not enjoying the mission. Through out the day he was telling me about him and that a lot has happened to him and that he doesn't really want to be on the mission. H said that his last companions were pretty bad! We definitely had a fun time working and being together! This transfer I want to try to get close to him so that he doesn't feel like he is alone here he seems cool already.

This past week I realized all the miracles that have already happened and I am so thankful for them! I am doing great! Time is flying by too fast! Love you guys! Thanks for your prayers and your support!
Elder Santacruz
Happy Valentines Day

The Pizza Mom and Dad ordered all the way from Tucson  because I haven't had it and have been craving it.

What I am wearing is called Tubees, all the females wear them to keep their hair nice while they sleep 

Playing Soccer 

Happy Valentines Day from Elder Santacruz and Elder Mata

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