Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Perseverar hasta el fin

This week was just great! So did I mention we haven't had a bishop for a month? He moved to another stake and so we haven't had a bishop to work with us and it has been hard to bring the less active to church without a bishop to help. This Sunday someone was called and he is a good member, but now we hopefully can help the less actives, its been hard for our district because none of our investigators have been progressing as much as we want them too. I'm not gonna lie its been pretty hard but I know things will get better. We have 3 main investigators that have baptismal dates, and the thing that they are struggling with is not going to church. What we've been doing that I know will work is we have been bringing members with us to meet them so that when they go to church they will know more people and not feel like they just know the missionaries. I know little by little things will get better!

So we have a family that we really like because they are so cool. They were less active and now they are reactivated and they always feed us which is awesome! One of the daughters is on a mission and there is another daughter that hasn't gone to church in 6 years but now she is reactivated and she is going through a repentance process so she can fill out her mission papers!!! We are so proud of her! Next time I'll try to get a picture with them but we are so happy for them!

We also did a lot of intercambios this week. One missionary in our district is not doing so good he is home sick and so Elder Mata has been helping him out because he doesn't want him to go home. We all don't want him to go home! We all have been trying to help him out in, hoping he doesn't decide to go home but we will keep praying for him. 

I know this mission is hard and at times it can be hard when the work is not progressing. This work is not easy at all but I know that Heavenly Father has helped me through my tough times here and that he makes this work wonderful. He makes me look at this as a blessing, that being here is the greatest thing ever. I have seen so many blessings and I know that my faith has grown stronger than ever! I know that this gospel is true without a doubt! That we are here to have a purpose in life and that we can be with our Father in heaven again. We all just need to endure until the end in any situation. I LOVE this gospel mushisimo! and I LOVE YOU ALL so so much and miss you all! This is God's work! Lets do something about it! 

Elder Santacruz

Sometimes I get a little distracted when I'm doing my studying

Found so machetes! 

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