Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Lord Blesses

This week was something we needed! Lately our investigators have not been progressing and we have been trying our best to work with them. Kelvin has been really busy and he rarely has time to talk to us. That was hard for me because he was on fire, he did everything  we asked and then he just stopped all of a sudden. He felt the spirit so many times with us and everything was good but we arent done trying! We go by and talk to him and have a lesson when he has time but that's just the mission for you. Sometimes people that you love so much will just stop participating in the gospel  but that just tells me that it wasnt their time but it definately helps me to think that I helped them get that far! We will see what happens I am not done with this area! The thing we fasted for this Sunday was to be able to find more people to bring the gospel to. The Lord has already blessed us with so many more people!!!!!! It is so great!!! We have been talking to a young boy, his name is Carlos and he has a brother on a mission in Mexico. His brother is the only member in his family and so we have been giving him the lessons and he has been reading everything we have asked him to read. i
I asked him to be baptized yesterday and we set a date of the end of March and he accepted and we told him that if he does  the things we tell him, he will know that this gospel is true! Right then I knew he trusted us and that he will do these things! I have faith in this kid! We invited him to church this Sunday! I will pray hard for him! He is the coolest kid ever, he is so funny! We love going over to visit. We have been working harder this week and we have been doing really good with our numbers. I am so happy that heavenly father will help us with all the things we do!
This week was definatly great! The lord never seems to stop helping us. I am so thankful for that! Love you guys so much! Miss you all, that was my great week! Have a great week! 
Shout out to Skyeler McCook for putting in his papers! love you dude!

Elder Santacruz

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