Wednesday, March 26, 2014

After all that has been said, our greatest and most important duty is to preach the gospel.

Hello to All!!! I think I am gonna stop saying my week was amazing because every week is amazing! So every email just remember that every week is amazing! It started on Sunday! We had 5 investigators at church and 2 inactive members! It was so great! I know fasting works I have been fasting every week so that more investigators come to church what a blessing! We were both so happy to see them! Our investigator that we had since I got here in this area came to church and it was so cool! He is slowly progressing!

Also this week we were supposed to have an appointment with one of our investigators and this investigator has a baptismal date and he was so excited! So we called him in the morning to confirm us meeting with him that day, and he answered and we asked him... hey still at 5 right? He said oh yeah hey guys I don't think I am going to be there today.  So we were like okay can we reschedule and he was like no I don't think so... We were confused and he also said in fact I don't think I can get baptized this month or next and we said why not and he said well..... I got deported back to Haiti..... and we were just like shoooot... He said sorry and that he would try to come back in 3 months or so. We said okay well give us a call when you do and he said okay! hahahhaha what a weird situation our baptism got deported hahah that's one for the journal!
This transfer is almost over and whats gonna happen is Elder Mata is gonna leave and I am going to show my new companion the area and then probably leave the next transfer. We have been working hard before Mata leaves. I cant believe I have been with him more than 4 months crazy hahah Wow time flew!! Everything is great! I had another bad bathroom experience Elder Mata and I were in a lesson and we had just barely started and I started to have problems with my stomach. Elder Mata and I have a secret code when we need to leave a house if something bad happens and so I did the code and we had a 5 min lesson and we were out of there.Right after we left I ended up vomiting right when we left the property hahah lucky me I guess haha but everything is good love this area I am lucky that I have more time in this area! 
I love you all and I hope you all are well! miss you! have a good week.

Elder Santacruz

Biggest Tie EVER!

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